The New Olivine City Gym.

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The New Olivine City Gym.

Post  MiraYukai on Mon May 24, 2010 9:18 pm

As Jasmine takes her leave from the Olivine City Gym, running around in Sinnoh taking part in contests, a new leader has taken over, holding a full arsenal of steel types.

PM darkleague account or chatango account for a challenge~

Lyra ~ 0646 8544 5305

1) Those listed here are banned from use.
2) Hacked/cheated pokemon are banned from use. (as well as other forms of cheating/hacking)
3) If you leave the challenge (ex turn off ds) you will be not granted a re-challenge and the battle will be counted as a loss for you. However, if the loss is yours you will have the option of re-challenging at any time other than the day of said loss.
4) OHKO (one hit knock out) moves are banned from use.
5) All battles are 6v6.
6) Sleep clause is active (only one pokemon asleep at a time.)
7) Sound will always be disabled. (mic doesn't work)
Cool Other than abiding by the above rules anything goes. Smile

All pokemon that i use will be of the steel type. There are some pokemon that I've raised more than one of.

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