How to add Mugen Characters.

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How to add Mugen Characters.

Post  TTTx on Fri May 14, 2010 11:31 pm

Please note you can only add so many at a time. You'll need to delete one of the characters if you want to add someone or something else.

Step 1
Extract!! Surprised Most of this crap are in .rar files so you'll need Winrar to get the files (Similar to .zip files but is easier and lighter to deal with)

32-Bit Download
64-Bit Download

How do you know which one you have? Shocked
First of all, go to your start menu then right click Computer and click properties.

Then click on it! pirat You should get this window. Look down to System Type. (Its red in the pic)

Now that you've got Winrar you just right click the Mugen.rar file or any other .rar file and click extract (They look like books with a strap! Razz) *Do not click Extract Here or else all the files won't be in a folder, they will be everywhere (You want them in a folder!)

Mugen.rar will be extracted as Sailormoonx

Step 2
Now that you've got winrar and you can get the contents inside them .rar files it's time to transfer those files! Right click the folder that contains the character you want for the game then click cut, the folder should become clearer. Then go to the Sailormoonx folder and go into the Characters folder. Now, right click anywhere within that folder and click paste!

Step 3
Now that you've got the easy parts done Twisted Evil it's time to officially add the characters onto the game.
Go back to the Sailormoonx folder and now go to the folder Data.

Look for the file named ''select.def'' click on it and then select the option "Choose a program from the list of programs" Open this file with notepad [or any text document viewer].

When you have select.def opened in notepad or whatever scroll down until you see ";Insert your characters below." (Its near the bottom)
Now to add a character you need to type the following format (Keep reading before adding a character)

[For stage.def you can type in any other stage.def. Look at the red circle in the
upcoming pic. Same as SongName.mp3, just type in any other .mp3 file you see there]
"Foldername,Character.def,stages/stage.def,music=sound/SongName.mp3,order=1-6 (Any number from 1 to 6)"

For "Foldername,Character.def" you need to put the Folder that Character.def is located in. So if I want to add Gardevoir and the folder is called Gardevoir I want to type it as "Gardevoir,Gardevoir.def,stages etc..." (The .def file is always the same as the foldername. This is CaSe SeNsItIvE meaning that if the folder was named GardevOir you need to type it as "GardevOir,GardevOir.def/stages etc..."

Things in the red circles are some of the things you can type in for "stage.def" (Do not leave it as "stage.def or you will not be able to play, you can also download more stages online. Google Mugen Stages or something. If you are wanting to add more stages place the .def file into the "Stages" folder located in the SailormoonX folder. If you do this, you need to type it exactly as the file is named. So if its named TREEEEEELoLLLi you need to make "Stage.def" TREEEEEELoLLLi.def)
Things that are in blue circles are some of the things you can type in for "MusicName.mp3" (Do not leave it as "MusicName.mp3" or you will not be able to play, you can also put an .mp3 file in the "sound" folder located in the Sailormoonx folder (If you do this make sure that its typed exactly when your adding the character/music. If the .mp3 is named TrOOOOLLL.mp3 you need to mape "SongName.mp3" TrOOOOLLL.mp3)

Now either add/delete characters or save the file and close it!

There your done! Surprised go back to the SailormoonX folder and launch SailorMoonX.exe
Press ALT+Enter to go in window mode (It will be launched in full screen)
Z is like the select button.
If your playing in full screen mode, just keep pressing ESC until you exit, or just exit out if your in window mode (Just click ok if you get some pop-up)

[There should be a readme file in the character folders, they contain moves and how to do them]
[Most moves look complicated but all you need to do is Down, Forward, A for something like Down,Forward,DownForward, A]

Tap Left twice to zoom backwards (<<)
Tap Right twice to zoom forward (>>)
Character Selection Screen

Sailor Neptune Special Attack

Blaziken Using Sky Uppercut (Part of a special attack)

Blaziken About To Use Flamethrower

Gardevoir Attacking

Gardevoir About To Use A Special Attack
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